NeuralSolution at ICE London


NeuralSolution’s team took part at ICE London. This exhibition has won a hard earnedreputation for being the launchpad for many of the gambling industry’s stand-out products and services. NeuralSolution exhibited, alongside other organisationsthat put responsible gambling at the core of their offering, in the Consumer Protection Zone, hosted for the first time at ICE in partnership with GB Gambling Commission and GambleAware.

Our CEO, Benjamin Fry, gave the presentation describing how and why our solution does work.

“We provide a platform for understanding and predicting human behaviourfrom nervous system biometric markers. We are the only solution in the world to be able to take these markers from a non-contact sensor (proprietary camera technology). There are many possible applications and identifying and intervening on problem gambling is one of them.”

Our goal at ICE was to communicate to the industry that there is a NEW technology, this is not emotion recognition – it is a deeper layer than that in the human architecture – which can help them to assess problem gambling live in the room. This can be applied to any machine or table game, so that problem gamblers can either be stopped (or stakes reduced) on machines, or spoken to on table games.

We want to thank you ICE for invitationand that we had a chance to be a part of such a successful show. The show floor this year provided a global representation of the industry, with 589 exhibitors from 65 countries that produced games for every jurisdiction and every gaming vertical.

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