The Televagal Physiocam

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The PhysioCam will be shipped to early adopters in 2023. Manufacture and distribution will be intentionally limited to ensure a close working partnership between Televagal, Deb Dana and early adopters. Training, support and consultation will be offered to pilot the use of this innovative technology in clinical practice.

$ 79.00

Plus tax. Further monthly fees apply. Expected delivery during 2023

A pulse wave is collected from pixels in the face via a high definition camera

The physiological signal is deconstructed into neural metrics and neural indices

Neural indices are synthesised into traffic-lights to report on nervous system activation

Live feedback is provided in session via the colour of a wireless glowing cube

Pre order FAQs

Please contact us with any questions. We will try to get back to you in person as quickly as possible. In the meantime please see if your question has already been answered below.

The PhysioCam license for use in clinical practice cost $ 79.00 per month plus applicable sales taxes. Deposits for pre-orders will be in lieu of the first month’s licence fee once the unit is shipped. Deposits are fully refundable anytime upon request.

Early adopters will have direct consultations with Televagal staff and Deb Dana to provide bespoke training and support on how to use the PhysioCam in clinical practice. Deb Dana will provide training videos in the clinical application of the Polyvagal Theory and how to integrate the PhysioCam into this practice. 

PhysioCam units will be shipped in order of deposits received. Manufacture and supply will be intentionally low volume during early 2023 so that Televagal and Deb Dana can work with early adopters to learn more about the system in clinical practice with our first users.

$ 79.00

Plus tax. Further monthly fees apply. Expected delivery during 2023

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