Non-Contact Mental Health Monitoring

Quantified depression and anxiety measurements from video


The Problem

Mental health practice lacks the tools to provide objective measures of diagnoses and treatment

Clinical assessments cost time and money

Questionnaires are burdensome and subjective

Measuring progress of treatment is problematic

The Solution

Patented technologies deliver mental health measurement tools at the edge

Our patented technologies combine to create a scientifically validated tool for objective measurement of mental health diagnoses, based on the Polyvagal Theory and over 40 years research into the nervous system and its relationship with mental health. 

Objective mental health diagnosis and screening system

Non-invasive measurement preserves focus in sessions

Glowing colors make nervous system state information accessible to both the therapist and the client

How it works

Patented PhysioCam Technology

Colour pixels in the face are detected by patented PhysioCam technology. The changes in colour are processed into a high-fidelity heart wave.


Patented Neural Indices Processing

The high-fidelity heart wave is deconstructed into neural metrics and indices which represent states of various branches of the autonomic nervous system.

Psychometric Test Correlations

Data from a subject’s neural indices are scientifically proven to correlate with the results of many standard psychometric mental health assessment tools and tests.


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Quantified depression and anxiety measurements from video
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