The Televagal Physiocam

Early Access program

We are pleased to announce we are now accepting orders for The PhysioCam, available to our pre-order customers, and due to be shipped in 2023. Orders are being intentionally limited to ensure a close working partnership between Televagal, Deb Dana and early adopters. Training, support and consultation will be offered to pilot the use of this innovative technology in clinical practice.

Monthly Subscription

No commitment
$ 99
  • Secure your PhysioCam today
  • Low cost monthly subscription
  • Additional equipment deposit

Monthly Subscription

1 year commitment
$ 79
  • Secure your PhysioCam today
  • Lowest cost monthly subscription
  • No equipment deposit required

Lifetime Access

No subsciption
$ 4,995
One-off lifetime access
  • Secure your PhysioCam today
  • Lifetime access with no monthly fees
  • You own your equipment

Early Access FAQs

Please contact us with any questions. We will try to get back to you in person as quickly as possible. In the meantime please see if your question has already been answered below.

Monthly subscriptions provide access to PhysioCam for a low monthly fee. By making a yearly commitment, we are able to waive the equipment deposit and charge a lower rate. Should you choose not to renew your subscription, the PhysioCam hardware will need to be returned.

The lifetime access offer (limited to early access customers only) required no monthly subscription, The price includes full ownership of the hardware, and access to software.

Early adopters will have direct consultations with Televagal staff and Deb Dana to provide bespoke training and support on how to use the PhysioCam in clinical practice. Deb Dana will provide training videos in the clinical application of the Polyvagal Theory and how to integrate the PhysioCam into this practice. 

Early access PhysioCam units are planned to be shipped starting November 14th 2022. Units will be shipped via UPS. Should unforeseen circumstances delay shipping, subscription charges will be delayed accordingly. Please note that import charges may apply, depending on your local laws.

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