Multiple Clinical and Commercial Applications


Not just biometrics

We use patent-pending and proprietary non-invasive technologies to read the hidden language of the nervous system and translate it into measurements of functional real-world constructs such as attention, emotional state, mental effort, engagement, connectedness and stress.

This is not just biometrics. Our methods go deeper into the human architecture to see how our bodies, nervous systems and brains dynamically respond to real-world experiences. These techniques are non-invasive and can be overlaid on top of existing study designs and commercial solutions.

Scientifically validated through thirty-five years of research, this knowledge is now available for various use-case solutions. If you would like to know more about how to partner with us in your field of study or business, please get in touch.


Clinical diagnosis and treatment in mental and physical health is improved with reliable non-contact neural feedback.


Addiction recovery is often measured by the ability to prevent relapse. We provide solutions to monitor addictive states and support reductions in harmful behaviours.


We provide solutions for consumer electronics and games which take the game inside the players own experience, reflecting their mood moment by moment.


Security solutions are now possible with non-contact polygraph equivalents and camera based neural state detectors.


Stores and displays can now read real-time feedback on customers reactions to their products and promotions. The nervous system is the the engine of engagement and our solution makes it visible.


The classroom can be a stressful place for teachers and students. Our solution can help monitor a class so that help can be targeted in real-time to students who are disengaging from learning.


Often the parent needs a nanny! Someone to say “take a moment, you are overwhelmed”. Our solution can be that trusted adviser leading to calmer caregivers and children.


Who doesn’t want to be heard and understood in a relationship? Yet we find it so hard to do. Our AR solution provides a live feedback for couples in conflict, giving a window into their inner world.

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Quantified depression and anxiety measurements from video
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